Adoption Challenges in Albuquerque

Adoption Challenges

Parenting any child takes work and brings with it its own challenges. Adopted children’s problems are no different, but some of the challenges they bring with them may be unique.

Your adopted children may have residual issues from their previous living situation, may have experienced abuse or neglect, may still miss their biological family.

Adoption problems can be serious. Adopted children may have problems that even the most loving adopted parents may be unable to fix on their own.

Some Common Problems with Adoption

Adoption problems and challenges may include:Ethnic Family

  • Difficulties bonding with your adopted child
  • Behavioral problems you don’t know the origins of and don’t know how to handle
  • Hereditary challenges you can’t quite identify
  • Bureaucratic challenges involving the adoption process
  • Resistance to you as a caregiver

One good thing though is that such problems can often be solved—with love, patience, and commitment. The Attachment Healing Center has significant experience solving such issues.

Classes for Foster Parents and Adopting Parents

We offer classes for foster parents, for adopting parents, for anyone who needs help in confronting and dealing with the significant and unique challenges that come with parenting an adopted child.

Raising adopted children can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be impossible.

If you need help parenting your adopted child, and live in or near Albuquerque, contact us at the Attachment Healing Center today. We can give you the help you need.


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