Attachment Issues in Children, in Albuquerque

Attachment Disorder

At the root of attachment disorder is a lack of trust—even the inability to trust—usually is rooted in childhood trauma or neglect.

Children with attachment issues have a reputation for being resistant to treatment.

When a caregiver tries to reason with a child with attachment issues, the caregiver simply appears ridiculous or irrational; the child is unable to comprehend that the caregiver might genuinely care about him or her, and instead sees only a ridiculous tyrant, someone to be manipulated in order to keep themselves safe from the actions of the adult.

The child lacks respect for the parent, and so cannot see him or her as someone who cares.

Attachment issues in children can make life for a family nearly impossible.

Attachment issues in children can make parents feel like the victims of abuse at the hands of their child.

John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory

The ideas and approach of John Bowlby, the founder of attachment theory, are based on studying how children learn to attach, focusing on, among other things:

  • The adult being the secure base the child can go to when distressed or in need
  • Attachment comes through the parent or adult caregiver who can provide physical and emotional safety based on healing their own wounds so they can show up as the nurturing, calm, regulated adult in charge. And,
  • Once a child attaches to an adult caregiver, that attachment can be transferred to another. Bowlby called this concept, Monotropy.

Attachment disorder is a broad term covering many attachment issues in children as well as many relationship attachment issues. Attachment issues in children come from a child’s inability to bond with a caregiver during early life, and may manifest in the child’s mood, social relationships, and behavior.

Correctly Identifying Attachment Disorder

Attachment disorder is often mistaken for something else, and children with attachment issues are often mistakenly diagnosed with ADHD or with other behavioral health conditions.

Once correctly identified, however, relationship attachment issues can be dealt with, and children can gradually be taught to trust adults.

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