Community Health Services

How Community Affects Mental Health

Depression and anxiety have no greater enemy than community. Depression is fueled by isolation. Anxiety thrives on worrying by yourself. Both depression and anxiety shrink and recede when met with love and kindness and the company of other people willing to understand and sympathize.

Personal mental health and community mental health are not unrelated. Your personal mental health may rely in some part on the support of a community, or the help of a community health center.

The Attachment Healing Center understands this, and this is why we are working to provide support groups and community health centers for our clients across New Mexico.

Coming Together to Build Community

communityAlready, in Las Cruces, many of our clients are meeting together regularly, and while doing so, are

  • learning coping skills together,
  • offering each other friendship
  • offering each other support,
  • and Racreating communities.

Soon, also, in Albuquerque, and in Rio Rancho, we will offer similar groups.

Clients will be able to receive parent training in groups of parents dealing with situations similar to their own, and they will discover a community together that will make their situation feel less oppressively unique and lonely.

Contact us at the Attachment Healing Center, and ask us about finding you a support group that’s right for you. Make your mental health a part of a community’s mental health. Let us find a community health center that’s right for you.


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