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Need Help with Depression in Albuquerque?

depressionDepression is real. It is the experience of having a chemical imbalance in your brain. It is not “just being really sad.” It is not something you can just decide to fix with a simple attitude adjustment. It is real. It is a serious medical problem, and it can result in death.

The brain of a depressed individual experiences notable changes.

The human brain is a busy world of neurons and synapses, of cells and connections, and in that world, electrical patterns are established that can be genuinely harmful to the individual whose brain it is.

When a brain has been depressed for a long time, it forgets how to be anything other than depressed. It forgets how to be happy. It needs to be reminded of how to think of happy things, of how to see the world in a positive light. Such a brain often lacks the energy to get day-to-day activities completed. We are often left feeling empty and without drive or focus. We simply don’t have the energy to do what we know needs to be done. All of our energy is being sapped to keep any unrecognized or too painful to face, emotions suppressed.


Sometimes when an individual is depressed, it can show up as anxiety, depending on the person.

And the Attachment Healing Center is that Help.

Through an ongoing relationship with an Attachment Healing Center clinician, children and adults can be taught how to think, and how to express any emotions that are being suppressed—they can meet with trained professionals who genuinely want to help them with their depression and anxiety.

Our counselors understand how the brain functions, and how it can change. We understand chemical imbalances, as well as how the brain and body may attempt to repress things that are too hard to face. We understand how to encourage the growth of new neuronal pathways, and how to help you with your depression by helping you address the emotions that are too hard to face in more productive ways.

The Attachment Healing Center can help you and your family with depression treatment that really works. You can get help with depression and anxiety.

Don’t give into despair. Don’t give up. Contact us at the Attachment Healing Center here in Albuquerque today and let’s get started.


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