Home-Based Services in Albuquerque

Some of the most important services that Albuquerque’s Attachment Healing Center offers for children and their families are the center’s important array of therapeutic, home-based services.

This means that for severe attachment issues we go into the home.

As long as the family lives within one hour of our physical location, we are willing to drive to where the children and their families live, and we meet with them on their own ground.

Working in your own Home

We do this because, for many of these children—children with attachment disorders- going out into the world triggers their survival skills.

When this happens, when they’re out and confronted by others, their anxiety is up and the children may feel the need to protect themselves—to be charming, to be manipulative, or to just fall silent.

And that’s why we go to your family’s home.

Going into the Home

young girlIn their own homes, children can more easily be themselves. They can be surrounded by the things and pets and people they know. They can be comfortable, and this lowers their anxiety.

The children can be more comfortable, and so will display the behaviors they normally display when at home. When we witness these behaviors we can intervene directly, properly assess their situation and then move to provide the family with the care and assistance they need.

Meeting in the home lowers children’s anxiety and since we come from the perspective of how the child’s brain changes, it allows us to make that direct brain connection and consequently, our sessions are more productive.

Improvements over Time

Over time, the counseling generally proves effective and as the behaviors improve we begin to step the family down into our office. Just the location of the children’s treatment serves as an indication of the child’s emotional well-being and improvement.

If you and your children live in or near Albuquerque or Las Cruces, home-based services may be for you. Contact us at the Attachment Healing Center today, and see how we can help.

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