Outpatient Mental Health/Outpatient Counseling

Not every person in need of mental health counseling requires inpatient counseling. Most people, whether children or adults, simply need a qualified person to meet with them in a professional setting, assess their situation and their needs, and give them the information and advice they need to work through their problems on their own in their daily life.

At Albuquerque’s Attachment Healing Center, our goal is to help children and adults heal. If you or a loved one have experienced trauma, are emotionally distressed, or need helpconnect with others connecting with others, we are here to help with our extensive outpatient mental health services.

Attachment Healing Center provides care for individuals who:

  • Have suffered trauma
  • Are emotionally distressed
  • Need help connecting with the family
  • Need help connecting with the larger world

Using the latest findings in neuroscience attachment, trauma and family systems, our outpatient counseling services and other outpatient mental health services work effectively to break old, harmful patterns; forge healthy relationships; and heal people who have been hurt.

Benefits of Our Outpatient Counseling Services

Outpatient counseling allows for a freedom of movement that allows individuals taking part in it to continue their normal daily lives without considerable interruption. Children can still go to school or take part in their regularly scheduled activities. Adults can keep their jobs, and not have their lives disrupted in the way they would if they were in an in-patient program.

In addition to offering outpatient counseling to people in need of it, we also train therapists in our neuroscience of attachment approach to helping children and families heal. Attachment Healing Center’s training for professionals provides CEUs where therapists can learn how to help people in need deal with depression, anxiety, panic, grief, and a broad variety of dysfunctional behaviors.

Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment

If you are interested in either our outpatient counseling, or in receiving training as a professional being trained as a counselor yourself, contact us today, at the Attachment Healing Center. There is hope, and we can help.


If you are in Albuquerque and interested in our outpatient mental health services, call the Attachment Healing Center today, at 505-237-0061.

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