Neuroscience Informed Parent Training

Parenting Skills Training, in Albuquerque

Every job requires training, and parenting may be the most important job there is.

But there are ways to make it easier. Difficult children are not lost causes—they merely have difficult behaviors and issues that need to be addressed.

Old, harmful behavioral patterns can be set aside, and better, more beneficial patterns can take their place.

Struggles can become collaborations.

Challenges become tests, and the tests get passed together.

The Attachment Healing Center’s Parent Skills Training

good parentsHere at the Attachment Healing Center, we offer invaluable classes for parents who might need help in learning to parent through the different developmental stages, or just a general refresher course about how to deal with your children.

The parenting skills training you may need, the neuroscience informed parent training that could make your life as a parent so much easier—we offer it all.

Classes for Behavioral Parent Training

Our classes discuss basic relevant neuroscience, how emotional regulation works, the ways that vital bonds are formed and maintained between parents and children, left-brain thinking, right-brain connection and communication, cycles of trust and mistrust, the importance of self-care, and more.

Attachment Healing Center can be that help. Contact us today.


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