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Being in a family can be difficult enough—balancing work and home-life, worrying about money, and trying to make the right choices for everyone—but being in a family with an oppositional child can be even more difficult still.

When a young child has a need, he or she will express that need, usually by crying. When an adult responds to that need with love and care and attention, the child learns to trust others to meet his or her needs.

However, when a young child has a need, and expresses that need and then the adults in his or her life fail to respond—or respond inadequately, or respond with anger or violence—the child learns instead only to trust him- or herself. The child learns to detach.

Teaching Children to Trust, in Albuquerque

Here at the Attachment Healing Center, we work to retrain children to trust others. We work with disruptive children, oppositional children, unhappy children, depressed children, traumatized children.

father and daughterWe work to help children to think differently—and we work to help parents and providers forge authentic connections with the struggling children they love.

When a child is listened to, attended to, and cared for—he or she will learn to trust, to engage, and to love. Using the latest neuroscience research, Attachment Healing Center teaches parents and professionals to use their relationships to help the child.

We work to help parents and providers forge authentic connections with the struggling children they love.

We teach children to think differently, so they have the skills they need to forge healthy relationships and succeed. We work to help children to trust.

If you have or know a child in or around Albuquerque who might benefit from what we do, contact us today at the Attachment Healing Center.

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