The Therapeutic Approach in Albuquerque

What Doesn’t Work

Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder—or who otherwise have troubles engaging with the world or forging emotional connections with their parents and families—often lead their parents to react in a number of unproductive ways. These include:

  • Trying to logically reason with the child.
  • Saving the child from the results of his or her decisions.
  • Reacting in anger and frustration to the child.
  • And attempting to negotiate with the child.
  • Punishing the child by taking things away.

All of these responses, in the eyes of a child with an attachment disorder, will only make you look powerless. They don’t work.

What Does Work

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What does work is Healing in Resonance—a model of treatment designed and developed by our Founder and CEO, Michele Coleman, LMFT, using many of the latest findings of the world’s top neuroscientists and other researchers.

Healing in Resonance draws from the research of Daniel J. Siegel, Allan Schore, Bruce Lipton, Stephen Porges, Howard Martin, Doc Childre, and many others.

It’s an approach that focuses on the internal experience of the other—on what it’s truly like to be someone else, to be a child with an attachment disorder—and then it teaches parents to talk with children in a way that they can understand.

It’s an approach that focuses on love and caring, and that seeks to recognize harmful patterns and behaviors that families often become trapped in. It focuses on building authentic relationships and on helping the brain to change not in isolation but in relation to others.

Healing in Resonance

Healing in Resonance is ideal for creating deeper relationships based on respect and love, and has been proven to help even extremely difficult children with severe attachment issues.

If you and your children live in or near Albuquerque and think you need our therapeutic approach, contact us today at the Attachment Healing Center.


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