Our Mental Health Treatment Approach

Albuquerque’s Attachment Healing Center

The Attachment Healing Center has a unique and effective mental health treatment approach.

We call our approach Healing in Resonance and it’s a mental health treatment approach based on three important pillars:

  • The brain has neuroplasticity, which means the brain can change when these three conditions are met
  • There is a positive, caring other in charge
  • In which the child or adult can connect in relationship
  • And have a corrective experience within that positive, nurturing relationship

role modelWhen a positive, nurturing caregiver who is in charge gets into relationship with their child and provides a corrective experience, the child’s brain is changed and they learn to look to the adult for care and guidance.  When you, the caregiver treat your child, even your difficult child, with curiosity, respect, and affection, results follow.

Parents: Always Modeling Behavior

The emotional part of our brain, responsible for our survival and safety looks out four times every second to determine if we are safe and we are seen.  Our children can be hyper vigilant around scanning their adult caregivers to ensure safety.  As we the adults in charge are being watched and emulated, it is important we pay attention to what we are modeling and what we are teaching.  As parents, we are always teaching.  Are we always aware of what we are teaching?

Modeling behaviors of emotional regulation, respect, and affection is vital in this mental health treatment approach, and vital for the well-being of any child.

We work with parents—and through the parents run the pathways of attachment.

We help the child recognize when the parents are being agents of change, providing emotional safety from which comes nurturing care and control.  We help the parents actually be the agents of change.

Forging Authentic Relationships

We teach children and their families how to create, live and connect in authentic relationships.

We help parents and children alike make positive changes to the neuronal pathways in their brains.

We use the latest findings of neuroscience to improve your life and the life of your difficult child. If you and your children live in or near Albuquerque, contact us at the Attachment Healing Center today and let us find a mental health treatment approach that will work for you. We can help.

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