Parenting Issues in Albuquerque

Living with RAD

Parenting issues are always complicated, and doubly so when parenting a child with disorganized attachment or Reactive Attachment Disorder.

With a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder, all parenting issues are magnified. With Reactive Attachment Disorder, all parenting guidance may seem futile.  Simple chores can result in screaming fits and emotional battles.

Respect may seem unobtainable. But, peace in the home is possible. Attachment Healing Center can help.

Parenting the RAD child

No one understands what it’s like to parent a child with disorganized attachment, unless one has lived with a child who has that diagnosis. Parenting guidance that works may seem nonexistent.

Parents of such children need a community that will not blame them, that will meet them Mom overwhelmedwhere they are—physically and emotionally—and who understand what they are experiencing.

Parents of such children need professionals who understand that children with attachment disorders can abuse their parents—and who understand how the body physiologically rejects people who continue to abuse it.

Such children hurt people because they are trying to keep themselves from being hurt. In so doing, however, they continue a cycle that can be shown to hurt them even more.

At the Attachment Healing Center, we understand how to address behavioral problems, problems in attitude, and how to break negative cycles.

We know how to talk about and focus on your problems in a way that can offer hope and help for your family.

If you and your children live in or near Albuquerque, contact us at the Attachment Healing Center today, about your parenting issues. We offer parental guidance that actually works.

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