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October and November 2022 Edition



  • A Message from our Founder, Dr. Michele Coleman
  • Honoring Wall of Stars Recipients!
  • Community Recognition and Resource
  • Self-Care Tip 
  • Office Closure
  • Your Corner of Joy


A Message from Dr. Michele Coleman, LMFT, CEO & Founder of Attachment Healing Center

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the hike in the Sandia's on Sunday. A fun time was had by all!

For those who attended our Parent Group Part II, that focuses on Trauma, the decision was made to stay connected as we need support in raising children with attachment trauma. For those interested in attending the next Trauma Training we have one scheduled for January…. Please email us at [email protected] to be placed on the list of attendees. Our Trauma Training is in person only, so we can ensure we provide the support necessary to anyone who is activated by the lessons.

We have created Remind Me Again cards that highlight the phrases we use to remind ourselves to stay in the healing work for ourselves and our children. On one side of the card is the phrase, on the backside of the card is the explanation of what this phrase helps us with. We are creating a companion book to go with the cards and in the book, is the science behind the phrase. I invite you to think about the phrases your clinician uses, or phrases you have come up with that help you remember to stay present and use the tools you have been taught. 

We are about to go through a second printing of our cards and want to add any new phrases that are proving helpful. If you have a phrase you would like to contribute to our cards, please either share it with your clinician or email us at [email protected]. It is your choice if you would like to add your first name to the bottom of the card, and your kiddo’s first name, if you'd like. 

Wall of Stars

The Wall of Stars features hundreds of decorated stars, each one made by a child or family member, who has made significant progress working with us. Each star created represents the hard work and improvements made towards attachment and loving relationships.


In August and September, we honored 1 family for successfully becoming securely attached! Way to go!

The Inside Out Experience

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a Power Couple- who go by the name of The Inside Out Experience, Pepper Joy, CTRC-S and PJ Greggs, MA, MCLC.  After the first day of training, I was rocked to my core. The information seeped into me like rain and after a few days of integrating, I felt washed and renewed. My body felt seen and heard, for traumas that hadn't had voice. 

The Inside Out Experience is about the Restorative Response System Theory, which is their very own theory on understanding your mind, body and soul connection. In particular, they describe the nervous system, mindset, and how trauma is stored and released in your body.

While this understanding provided insight and a perspective on having choice, the body experience tools they provided gave a sense of hope and relief.

Here are some words from Pepper Joy.
“It is my personal belief that if we have survival instincts from our reptilian brain, then we also possess a restorative intuition within our subconscious brain.”- Pepper Joy

Visit them and check out way the various ways they can support you on your healing journey:

[email protected]

Call or Text: (918).430.5009

If you're interested in seeing more- check out- Introduction to the Restorative Response System Theory by clicking the YouTube link below.
Restorative Response System Theory: https://youtu.be/2Bds-N82Z-Y

Community Recognition provided by Marisol Velasquez de West, LMSW


Self-Care Tip from One of AHC's Staff! 

Self Care

Progressive muscle relaxation is a great way to create awareness of the body. I use it primarily at night to create calm in my nervous system before sleep, but it can also be helpful for anxiety and stress.        

Progressive muscle relaxation is a methodical way to tense and relax different muscles in the body moving from the toes, up. It can be done in a sitting or lying down position and can be done on its own for any length of time.

It can also be added to the end of a yoga practice or other activity to promote regulation and rest.

Check out this YouTube video from the American Lung Association on Mindful Breathing: Progressive Relaxation


Self-care tip provided by Kourtney Wilson, LMHC

We are growing! Looking to join our team at the Attachment Healing Center? We are hiring now! 

We are looking for LMSW's, LMHC's, LCSW's, LPCC's, or LMFT's who are interested in learning our specialized treatment approach to bring about lasting change in the lives of children and their families.

If you are a fully-licensed mental health counselor or social worker in the state of  New Mexico, apply today! 

 Please submit a cover letter, a well-written resume, and three professional references by emailing our hiring coordinator at [email protected].

Upcoming Office Closures

Please note : The AHC Office will be closed
Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th, 2022 in observance of Thanksgiving.

Therapeutic services may continue if you and your clinician(s)choose to meet.


Your Corner of Joy 


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