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Fourth Quarter 2023 Edition



  • A Message from our Founder, Dr. Michele Coleman
  • A Note from our Family Engagement Director
  • Celebrating Stars!
  • Did you know?
  • Office Closures
  • Your Corner of Joy


A Message from Dr. Michele Coleman, LMFT, CEO & Founder of Attachment Healing Center

With all that is going on around the world, it seems like this is a good time to focus on healing ourselves. One of the Master teachers said, “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Jesus in Mark 12:30-31). Another Master teacher taught that everything in the world is interconnected (Buddhism). I believe they were telling us a spiritual law. It is not possible to treat another different than how we are treating ourselves.
Resmaa Menakem, the author of My Grandmother’s Hands, calls it dirty pain. In his book, he says when we have unhealed wounds within us, we project them onto others. The goal is to own the pain within, by facing it and then healing it. Resmaa calls this clean pain. Only in this way can we begin to love ourselves and hold ourselves in a positive light. Yes, we have flaws and things we need to heal and learn from, however, until we have the courage to face this pain, we continue to project it onto others.
This holiday season as some celebrate the birth of one of the Master teachers, I invite you to first focus on yourself. Many times, I find that my pain is in my blind spot. It is out of my awareness, but everyone around me sees it. My pain gets activated when someone does that thing that triggers a memory of my not being good enough, or doing something bad, or being wrong.
Shame is probably the emotion that gets expressed. Shame is the most toxic emotion, and one that we run from because it is so painful. However, thinking of clean pain, when I notice my body shutting down, or I start to feel my anger rising inside, this is the time I need to stop and instead of projecting that pain onto the person that activated that memory, I need to own the pain and get curious about what is coming forward to be healed. In the process, I can thank the other for triggering what I no longer wish to hold onto. If I can engage in this mindful process, I can engage in clean pain and not only do I get the healing, but I also do not pass on dirty pain. In my conscious awareness, I am sending love and gratitude into the world, instead of more pain and hurt. And isn’t that what the world needs more of now?
I invite you to consider the practices that are out there for us to be more loving, first to ourselves, and then as a result, to others. This includes even being loving and kind to strangers. One practice I love to use is Mindfulness. My favorite mindful teacher is Thich Nhat Hanh. His tiny book that changed my life is called, Miracle of Mindfulness. The book outlines a simple daily practice. However, I know there are many other tools we can use to bring more love to ourselves and others. I invite you to share those tools with us, so we can share them with our community and maybe in this way, we can begin this holiday season with expressing more of the truth of who we are into our world – Loving, grateful beings of light. Send the tools you are finding helpful to us at [email protected] Looking forward to healing and learning together!

Wishing you and your family joy this holiday season!

A Note from our Family Engagement Director

Happy Fall All!  

I always say Fall is my favorite and it totally is…… AND it’s such a crazy time of year. I know I receive a lot more crisis calls during this time as well as my own kiddos being more emotional. So, if you are wondering if it's just you or your family, it is not! Change of weather, holidays coming up, and getting into the school year, I think, all of it plays a part for sure. 

I don’t know about you, but between work, school, and sports, my family struggles with down time. So, knowing how hard this is, I want to encourage you to find time to just be. To get into nature and take care of your mental health and your kiddos mental health. We let our kids have mental health days in our home and we encourage them to tell us when it’s just too much. Some of our kids can’t use words to tell us, but I guarantee they are telling you with their actions! Let’s practice attunement this season, and setting the example that we can and will put our own self-care and mental health first. 

Lastly, I have been in the schools an awful lot these last few months, and I am hearing often that this is by far the hardest year teachers and principals are experiencing…. Ever. This is hard on your kiddos, and I know it's hard you too. It’s okay to advocate for what your children need and what you feel is best. If you’re a client, please reach out to our Family Engagement Department, and we will do our best to advocate for everyone’s needs, and if you are not one of our clients, then I encourage you to find a family advocate and ask for help. Please feel empowered! You are the expert on your child!   

Again Happy Fall everyone! I hope you find some rest and peace in the changing of colors and season.  

Chasity LeBlanc
Director of Family Engagement

Celebrate new stars with us!


This quarter two families were added to our Hallway of Stars- This marks their journey into secure, healthy attachment!  We know that it can be done and here's proof.  The next time you walk our hallway see if you notice new stars shining, and know, you too can be there. We have faith in the creation of new healthy relationships being born, step-by-step and leap-by-leap. Thank you for your deep and meaningful work!

Did you Know?

We've hired three new clinicians! Hannah Hyman, LMHC, Brittany Schmacker, LAMFT and most recently Nadia Bedard, LMSW .  

They each come with their own individualized wisdom and deep rooted desire to learn more about attachment and healing. 

We have a new Junior Peer Support and Community Support Worker! Marcus Speer, a Senior in high school this year (yoo-hoo!) can be seen in the office during evening hours, helping in the Emotional Regulation room, playing games, or holding space for children. 

Alisa Moortgat, CSW, joins us while she completes her studies at the University of New Mexico.  She brings a willingness to learn and support our families with any resources they may need.  We are excited to have this new group join our team. They bring a newness that is joyful and full of youth. Thank you!

Upcoming Office Closures

Please note : The AHC Office will be closed
Thursday, November 23th and Friday, November 24th, 2023 in observance of Thanksgiving.

Friday and Monday December 22 & 25, 2023 - Christmas

Friday December 29, 2023 New Year's Eve
Monday January 1, 2024 New Year's Day

Therapeutic services may continue if you and your clinician(s) choose to meet.


Your Corner of Joy 

Corner of Joy

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