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First Quarter 2024 Edition



  • A Message from our Founder, Dr. Michele Coleman, LMFT
  • HeartMath for Parents
  • Family Fun Day Event
  • A Message from Brittany Schmacker, LAMFT
  • Resources for Couples
  • Self-Care Tip
  • Office Closures
  • Your Corner of Joy


A Message from Dr. Michele Coleman, LMFT, CEO & Founder of Attachment Healing Center

Starting in April, we will offer a monthly two hour orientation for parents of new clients to attend. Our treatment approach, Healing in Resonance is informed by the latest in Neuroscience research. When youth are referred to the Attachment Healing Center for treatment around healing their attachment trauma, the most important person in that healing equation is the adult caregiver.  

Our approach is very different in that we work with the adults to support them in their healing process so they are emotionally available for their kiddos to attach to. If you have not attended our 12-week Neuroscience of Attachment parent group training, please consider one of the upcoming orientation classes.  

Each orientation class will last two hours and will introduce you to the concepts that drive our treatment approach. If you are not a current client, please know that going forward all new referrals must attend the orientation class in order to be placed on our list of clients to be assessed and seen. Thank you so much for your interest in learning more about what it is we do to change the brains of our youth that results in sustainable behavioral changes. Looking forward to seeing you in one of our upcoming orientations.


HeartMath for Parents

HeartMath for Parents was developed by our very own Founder, Dr. Michele Coleman along with one of the Neuroscientists of HeartMath including Dr. Jorina Elbers.
It is a self-directed, online resource with various tools. There are 15 lessons, videos, tips from parents who are using HeartMath, skill building activities
for parents and kids, a forum to connect with other parents using HeartMath, and the best part, LIFETIME access after purchase.

  For those who are interested, the current price is $99 and will be going up soon, however we have a coupon code that will allow you to pay whatever amount
you want for the next few weeks only!! If you are interested, please let us know by emailing [email protected] for the coupon code. Below is the link to the
website to check out all that this program has to offer.

HeartMath for Parents

Family Fun Event - April 27, 2024

Family Fun Event

The Rio Grande chapter of The Guardians Of the Children (GOC) is holding their 10th annual Family Fun Day (FFD)
at the New Mexico Veterans' Memorial, Albuquerque.

Attachment Healing Center will have a booth at the event as well.

The community is invited to connect through free food, free games and other free give-aways.

While the flyer says salute to Veterans and Military Families, it is open to all children and all families.
It will be located at the Veteran Memorial Park on Louisiana Blvd just north of Gibson Blvd, in Albuquerque. 
Community agencies, resources, businesses and leaders support this completely free event by setting up their
respective tables, booths and stands to connect with free prizes, giveaways and fun activities.   

The mission of the Guardians of the children is to recognize and react to child abuse and to educate the public to do the same,
to serve as advocates, to provide strength and stability to families in crisis; and to be an answer to the prayer of
an abused child or teen for courage, support and protection.  

Shared by Teil Plont, LMSW

Message from Brittany Schmacker

Happy Birthday

SHOUT OUT and Happy 70th Birthday! to the incredible Dr. Michele Coleman during Black History Month! 

Dr. Coleman, you are an extraordinary human being with awe-inspiring healing powers. Your dedication to our children and families is
nothing short of angelic. Despite enduring unimaginable circumstances in childhood, you've emerged as a beacon of light, resilience, and strength.

As a woman of color, your story is not just inspiring; it's empowering. Your journey deserves to be heard, celebrated, and honored.
On your 70th birthday, we want to express our deepest gratitude and admiration for all that you are and all that you do.

Thank you, Dr. Michele Coleman, for being a shining example of love, courage, and perseverance for the world. We love you!

Brittany Schmacker, LAMFT

Resources for Couples


This is a wonderful resource for couples that are looking to reconnect, heal, explore and grow in their relationship. 

Download for FREE to explore 14 card decks with more than 1,000 flashcards, tap the star to favorite a card, easily tab back and forth between All and Favorites, and access more free resources from The Gottman Institute.

"See for yourself why millions of couples worldwide have benefited from The Gottman Institute’s research-based approach to relationships.
Inspired by the popular card decks from The Art and Science of Love weekend workshops for couples (now available virtually) this fun app
offers helpful questions, statements, and ideas for improving your relationship."

Shared by Jenn McNair, LMHC


Self Care Tip

Self Care

One of my self-care go-to's is writing poetry. By self-care, I mean it nourishes my soul and challenges me with the delightful desire
to dive deep and reach the essence of a thing. For me, poetry transforms a broken world into a living tapestry of woven wholeness.
I hope you enjoy.  

For My Beloved  

The horizon wears a wreath of flowers,
and the little winds careening down
the sky-fields are like children
doing somersaults in Spring…   

My heart is at last a frozen river
flooding, a swooping thing
with wings…
and I could fly into your eyes forever.

All my life I thought I’d be a farmer
or a sailor: torn
between the solid earth and the flowing
of the sea…

But love
is bigger than all these…
Love is at once deep-rooted  

and free.

Shared by Nadia Bedard, LMSW

Upcoming Office Closures

Please note: The AHC Office will be closed:

March 18, 2024 - Attachment Healing Center Day

March 29, 2024 – Office Closing at 12p - Good Friday

May 27, 2024 - Memorial Day

Therapeutic services may continue if you and your clinician(s)choose to meet.


Your Corner of Joy 


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