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August and September 2022 Edition

Tune Into New Potential in Healing Attachment!


  • A Message from our Founder, Dr. Michele Coleman
  • Honoring Wall of Stars Recipients!
  • Upcoming Parent Group
  • Parents in Schools Training with Chasity LeBlanc and Susan Brower
  • Hiring Clinicians
  • Self-Care Tip 
  • Office Closure
  • Your Corner of Joy


A Message from Dr. Michele Coleman, LMFT, CEO & Founder of Attachment Healing Center

When raising youth with early childhood abuse or neglect, we must remember that this trauma came at the hands of their adult caregivers. The very people the young, vulnerable child turned to for safety and nourishment are the ones who could not provide what their child needed. Since the original trauma occurred in relationship with an adult caregiver, it is in the care of an adult caregiver that we can heal this trauma.

With that knowledge, it becomes important for us as parents to remember that we have the power to help our youth heal – when we first take the focus off them and put it on ourselves! I know this might be hard to hear, but we are the caregivers who are willing to show up as the positive, caring, nurturing, connectible other in whom our youth can heal. In order to show up calm, present and in charge no matter how our youngster is behaving, we have to first heal any wounds we are bringing into the relationship; otherwise, our wounds get triggered, and we are then parenting from our young, wounded child part. Our children are masters at reading our energy and emotions and predicting how we will react or respond in order to be in charge and prepared for how we will show up when they trigger us, so they are not surprised by how we are behaving. Our job is to stay in our hearts, grounded and open to connection, regardless of what our youth does. It is in this way that we communicate with our behavior, emotions, and responses that we can handle them no matter what, and that we are in charge. There is no power struggle. We have the power. We have the power to heal our wounding. This concept was dramatically demonstrated during our last Trauma Training with parents. As we deepened our learning of the trauma concepts, we applied our learning to ourselves. The results were astonishing. Each week parents came in reporting how their youth was shifting in response to the caregiver not being triggered by their child’s behaviors! As the adults healed and were able to stay grounded, no matter what the child did, the child began to experience safety. Safety is number one in healing trauma. Remember, real or imagined, the brain responds the same. Just being in the home with a caregiver can trigger most of our children. When we the caregiver can show up grounded, calm and in charge, regardless of what the circumstances are, this brings both real and perceived emotional safety to our children. With safety, there is healing.

Please join Dr. Coleman and Chasity LeBlanc, FPPS on the last Thursday of every month on YouTube live! Check out the June 2022 Live Q&A below.

Healing Your Trauma Before You Expect Your Child to Heal Theirs

YouTube Live Link:

Wall of Stars

 The Wall of Stars features hundreds of decorated stars, each one made by a child or family member, who has made significant progress working with us. Each star created represents the hard work and improvements made towards attachment and loving relationships.


In June and July, we honored 5 families for successfully becoming securely attached! Way to go!


September 2022 Parent Group

Back To School


Parents in Schools Training with Chasity and Susan

Do you want to feel confident and supported in introducing your child or children to their school and educators? Our Family Parent Peer Support team will be hosting a FREE hybrid training and Q&A to set you and your family up for success! 

This training will cover setting up routines, navigating IEP meetings, and introducing your child/children’s needs and challenges to educators. 

Join us on Wednesday August 31, 2022 from 6p-7:30p on YouTube Live and in our ABQ Office to learn more. 

Beverages and lite snacks will be available for in-person participants. Our address is 1025 Hermosa Dr. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108.


 We are growing! Looking to join our team at the Attachment Healing Center? We are hiring now!  

We are looking for LMSW's, LMHC's, LCSW's, LPCC's, or LMFT's who are interested in learning our specialized treatment approach to bring about lasting change in the lives of children and their families.

If you are a fully-licensed mental health counselor or social worker in the state of  New Mexico, apply today! 

 Please submit a cover letter, a well-written resume, and three professional references by emailing our hiring coordinator at [email protected] 


Self-Care Tip from One of AHC's Staff! 

Self Care

Hello Families, Today I’d like to bring you a quick and easy way to soothe the nervous system called the Cross-Crawl. I find these exercises incredibly soothing on my nervous system, they help me sink into my body, and they are easy and quick to do!

The video linked below is easy to follow for kids and adults. You can find many  similar videos that come from Occupational Therapists, Neurologists, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Energy Workers and so on.

Just type “Cross Crawl” into a YouTube search and find the video you like best! Happy Healing, Jessica Heintzleman, LMHC

Here is the link for Cross Crawl:


Upcoming Office Closures

Please note : The AHC Office will be closed
Monday September 5, 2022 in observance of Labor Day.

Therapeutic services may continue if you and your clinician(s)choose to meet.


Your Corner of Joy 

Corner of Joy

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