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Marriage is not always easy—it can span most of a lifetime, and so can hold all the challenges and difficulties of life itself.

This is why the Attachment Healing Center offers marriage counseling services—among our many couples counseling services. We approach the relationship from a neuroscience perspective and work to help you and your spouse recognize each others’ essential humanity and individuality.

Our focus is on how each spouse experiences the other.

Our focus is on the neuroscience of embedding each other.


Embedding Each Other means that when two people are married, each spouse takes the others personality into his or her own, in a way. In counseling services, this is an essential idea.

And this is almost common sense. We’ve all heard the observation that the people in a marriage begin to resemble each other—and this is as true emotionally and intellectually as it is physically. Perhaps more so.


Communication between partners is essential to create emotional safety in the relationship. We use several approaches like Harville Hendrix’s IMAGO couple’s dialog and HeartMath Coherent Communication to assist a couple in learning to listen to and connect with one another.

Both of these approaches work to have the neurons of the listening partner activate in a similar way to the speaking partner so that true empathy for the others perspective can be experienced by both. With empathy on both sides, the partners are able to genuinely experience what the partner is feeling.

Using these tools, you and your partner can feel visible, acknowledged, and safe – these are ways to keep a relationship emotionally safe and healthy.

These are ways that we know can work to keep a marriage safe and healthy.

If you and your spouse live in or near Albuquerque, marriage counseling with Attachment Healing Center may be for you. Contact us today and see how we can help you.

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