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Reactive Attachment Disorder


Reactive Attachment Disorder, or RAD, is a disorder that may be experienced by individuals who suffered from neglect or abuse as children. Children with RAD may display notable disregard for how they should behave in social settings.

Their ideas of appropriate behavior and of how they ought to connect with others may be extremely confused—they may treat parents and caregivers with defiance and hostility, and total strangers with excessive familiarity.

Sadly, life with children diagnosed as having RAD can be intolerably difficult for the adults who care about them. Parents and caregivers may begin to feel as if their child is an abuser and they are abuse victims.

Reactive Attachment Disorder is similar in many ways to Social Engagement Disorder—in fact the two used to be considered two versions of the same diagnosis.

Many people in the medical community do not believe the brains of children with Reactive Attachment Disorder can change enough for the children suffering from RAD to heal and move on.


At the Attachment Healing Center, however, we believe Reactive Attachment Disorder treatment is possible, because we’ve seen such changes firsthand, many times. We have supported families through their healing process. We have assisted children and their families to bring about change in behaviors so the child grows and recovers and learns to connect with their caregivers in authentic, healthy ways.

Effective Reactive Attachment Disorder treatments exist, and we know about them. We can help your family recover. We can help your child get passed this.

Depending on its severity, the symptoms of Reactive Attachment Disorder can be eliminated, minimized, or at least reduced. Reactive Attachment Disorder treatment can work.

Contact us at the Attachment Healing Center, and ask us about helping your family or your child with Reactive Attachment Disorder. We can help.

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