At Attachment Healing Center, we are dedicated to helping children heal. Our mental health center assists children who have suffered attachment disruptions or traumas, children who for whatever reason are emotionally distressed, and children who may need a little help connecting in a healthy way with their families and the larger world.

Children’s brains change in relation to others. They need to be taught how to connect with others, and if they initially learned something else, something less healthy - in situations of abuse, neglect, or great stress, they need to be re-taught. Their brains need to form new neuronal pathways.

Using knowledge gained from extensive research into neuroscience, attachment, and trauma, the Attachment Healing Center works to break negative cycles, create authentic relationships, and teach children and their families how to live and think in more constructive ways.

Parents and caregivers, too, need to be re-taught how to genuinely, attentively listen; how to become the sort of adult figure a child can trust; and how not to repeat negative behavioral patterns.

Wall of Stars

The Wall Of Stars

There are those who deny the reality of brain plasticity—who say that children with attachment issues can’t improve—but Attachment Healing Center has results that speak for themselves.

The Wall of Stars features dozens of decorated stars, each one made by a child who has made significant progress working with us.

Every star represents a child who has worked hard and seen improvement, who has journeyed from anger and confrontation toward love and attachment, from darkness toward light, from wildness toward peace.

These stars symbolize hope. And, at Attachment Healing Center, hope is what we offer.

Click on the picture to the left to see more of our clients' amazing stars!

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