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Michele Coleman, Ph. D. LMFT

February 2017


The Attachment Healing Center (AHC) provides intensive outpatient treatment to parents struggling with parenting birth, foster or adoptive children, that is unique to the industry.  Our treatment approach is spiritually based in that we come from the perspective that everyone is always doing the best they can do, but may need specialized assistance. It is a research based fact that unhealed wounds from prior experiences, can often impact our behaviors to negative effect. Healing, however, is fundamentally possible, provided our healing is supported through research based counseling modalities. In order to bring about healing in the relationship between the parent and child, AHC brings the concepts learned from the field of neuroscience, family systems, attachment and trauma to our treatment approach. 

It is vital that our parents understand these concepts, so that they can implement the interventions in their daily parenting as guided by the therapist. These interventions provide a science based, research based foundation for successful treatment. Additionally, the Attachment Healing Center offers multiple parent training groups that teaches the neuroscience and relationship-based concepts that drive our treatment approach.

From 2014 – 2016, we conducted our first research into our treatment approach. One of the resounding results of the research was the parents’ voice around the importance of taking the focus off the child and their behavior, and instead putting the focus on how the parent is interacting in the relationship.

We at the Attachment Healing Center are pleased and honored to be asked to share our experiences with you through The Heart Gallery’s newsletter. As a part of this sharing, and in keeping with our number one research finding, over the next month I invite you to focus your awareness on the things you do to nourish and support yourself. If possible, start a journal where you write what you are noticing. I am very interested in the self-care activities you engage in and how you creatively find time to enjoy these activities. So if you would not mind sharing, I invite you to email me at [email protected]

Looking forward to journeying beside you, Dr. Michele Coleman, Founder and CEO, Attachment Healing Center. 


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