Heart Gallery 20

Michele Coleman, Ph. D. LMFT

April 2019


Did you notice your courage in owning your pain this month? If so, give yourself a high five for having the courage to heal what has been hard to look at up until now. I noticed that I am becoming more aware of when I react to others pushing my pain buttons. This is a good first step. The lesson that came next is when I react, I am to take ownership out loud for my reaction and then correct it, in the moment. In order for me to take this courageous step I have to be gentle with myself and move slowly. This takes us to the next step of showing up as the Parent who CARES:

A - Acknowledge the challenge and breathe into it

If you already have a breath work practice from yoga or some other discipline, I invite you to use it even when you are at home or at work in challenging situations. When we acknowledge that something is going on with us, this is our point of power. I have been noticing how using this perspective changes how I experience drivers who cut me off, or exit right from the extreme left lane. I am taking these experiences more light heartedly now because I no longer feel like my safety is in their hands. This is the gift of owning the pain. I get to heal whatever is inside ME, instead of projecting it onto others. As I heal, my experience of outside circumstances shifts.

Does this make sense? If so, I invite you to share with me what is showing up differently in your world, as you begin the first two steps of showing up as the Parent who CARES.

Step 1: C- Courageously own the pain that has just been activated by my child (If you don’t have a child in your home yet, I invite you to practice with your friends, neighbors, loved ones or co-workers. You will be bringing on new neurological networks and be ready by the time your youth moves into your home.)

Step 2: A- Acknowledge the challenge and breathe into it

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