Self Care Exercise 1

Self Care

DAY ONE: Listening to Your Body


You are the most important person in your child’s life. If you agree with me, then first thing in the morning ask yourself: what one thing can I do to take care of myself today?

I see us as energetic beings. It takes energy to accomplish all we get done in a day. We give. And we give. And we give …to others, until there is nothing left to give to ourselves. This is natural and self-sacrificing and backwards. We must first give to ourselves and then we are resourced enough to take care of others.

EXERCISEWe will start with a HeartMath breathing exercise. Put your attention on your heart. Imagine breathing in through your heart, and then exhaling through your heart. Do this three times, allowing your breath to naturally slow and deepen with each inhalation.

To this HeartMath breath I want you to scan your body. If there is a pain somewhere, stop and ask it with your breath what it needs. If there are no pains, ask your body what one thing you can do today to contribute to your Inner Well so you are resourced.

We will do one new thing each day for the next 10 days. Have your Self-Care Notebook that you keep just for writing about your self-care. Get the insight in the morning. Write questions in your notebook that come to you when you first wake up or soon after you wake. Write the answers as they come to you during the day. You might consider answering these questions to get you started in your writing:

  • Did you do the one thing your body asked for?
  • What did it feel like in you body? What did it feel like emotionally?
  • What made it possible for you to follow through on your body’s request?
  • Are you aware of the level of energy in your Inner Well at this moment? If so, how full is it?
  • Can you use more resourcing in that well?
  • If your answer to that question is yes, plant the intention to remember to wake up tomorrow and do this exercise again. Ask your body what it needs and write it down. 

SUMMARY of self-care routine so far:

When you get up in the morning, check in with your body and ask, “What do you need from me today?” Listen, write in your Self-Care Notebook, and follow the guidance you receive. Here is your Inner Well. How full is it now?

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