Self Care Exercise 5

Self Care

WEEK FIVE: What Self-Care Activities are Naturally Occurring?


By now naturally occurring self-care activities are possibly happening in your life. Perhaps you have started walking in the mornings, or the evenings, or have returned to the gym or the yoga studio or are doing exercises or yoga from home. Maybe you are choosing to read something affirming instead of watching television? Maybe you are managing your time differently or feeling more patient with your family? If this has not happened yet, do not feel bad or beat yourself up.

INTENTION: What is naturally occurring in your day-to-day expression that feels like self-love? Make a note of it and write it in your Self-Care Notebook. Set an intention to continue or start adding self-care activities into your life at the level that you are comfortable.

For me, this morning I was ready to leave my house 45 minutes before my target time. In the past, I would have gotten on my computer and filled this time with another work assignment. When I stopped and asked the question silently, “What more do I need to do before I leave?” I did not hear anything. So I said, “Okay. I’ll just start getting ready to leave.” As I used all this extra time to get ready to leave, I was able to get all the things I needed to do done. I was even able to do a task I have put off for over a month – recycle my glass. I never seem to have time to get to the recycling station. I left on time and stopped by the station discovering that if I go in that direction it actually takes me less time to get to my destination.

Leaving on time is a huge self-care act for me because it keeps me from stressing about being late to my first appointment.

EXERCISE: What self-care activities are naturally occurring in your life? Write them in your Gratitude Notebook before bed. Are you willing to share these aha moments? If so, visit our Facebook page and let us know how life is showing up more positively for you.

SUMMARY of self-care routine so far. Please include writing in your Self-Care Notebook in the morning and your Gratitude Notebook in the evening:

·         When you get up in the morning, check-in with your body and ask, “What do you need from me today?” Listen, write about it in your Self-Care Notebook and follow the guidance you receive.

·         Notice 5 positive things happening in your day. Write about them tonight in your Gratitude Notebook before going to bed.

·         If there is resistance to following through on focusing on you, write about it in your Self-Care Notebook and practice not beating yourself up about it.

·         Drink 1/3 of your body weight in ounces of water per day. write about it in your Gratitude Notebook.

·         Scan for what you are doing to express self-love in your day. Write about it in your Gratitude Notebook. 

EXERCISE: This is how resourced your Inner Well might be, if you have started more self-care. Draw a picture of your Inner Well at the bottom of the page in your Self-Care Notebook. How full is your Inner Well now compared to the first day?

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