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Michele Coleman, Ph. D. LMFT

August 2018


Hopefully you are making time to enjoy your summer.  As we have been focusing on our emotional health, I’d like to take a closer look at what helps us be emotionally resilient. One thing that fuels our emotional well-being is our nutrition. 

Starting in September, Patrick West, a Nutritionist/Health Coach, will offer a workshop on Self-Care and Nutrition. He will have more to share with you about the importance of meeting your self-care needs and how doing so enhances your ability to parent a child who has experienced traumatic attachment. This is what Patrick has to say:

  Our relationship with our food is one that we all have and have had since day one of our life. This relationship is what I specialize in strengthening and empowering people to find the best eating habits for their personal needs, possible health challenges, and desired health goals. I am offering a facilitated group discussion at the Attachment Healing Center (AHC) of Albuquerque that will go into depth on how we can improve this vital relationship with that which nourishes us in our life on topics such as weight loss, diet and mood, reversing disease, improving energy, confronting autoimmune conditions, and much, much more. My approach fits perfectly into the AHC model of counseling as it is based in our mind body connection and how our knowledge can be put into practice when we understand the root cause of our behaviors. I will offer this group once a month for a love offering of $10. Times and days will be announced on the AHC website. (www.attachmenthealingcenter.com) My goal is to empower people to find their path to being their greatest self through their relationship with food and other practices that nourish us. The possibilities that emerge from a healthy relationship with our nutrition are amazing. We can be our best and I humbly offer myself as a resource to all.

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