Heart Gallery 6

Michele Coleman, Ph. D. LMFT

September 2017


It has indeed been a busy summer for us at the Attachment Healing Center. As we wind down the summer and prepare for the fall and another school year I want to take some time and reflect. 

Over the past several months I have shared about mirror neurons and how our children energetically touch our wounding with the expression of their wounds. I have made the connection to the importance of you engaging in self-care in order to be resourced enough when your child miscues with behaviors that trigger your pain. I understand that some of you have children and some are awaiting the placement of a child or children. Whether or not there is a child currently in your home you can engage in these healing processes as our wounds are touched by anyone we are in relationship with, be that person a friend, co-worker or intimate partner. 

I would like to take a moment and invite you to share with me the insights, questions, and wonderings that have surfaced as you have read and begun to implement the strategies and information I have written about. You can email me at [email protected] Not only will I respond to your email, but you will be providing valuable feedback on whether or not the information I am sharing is being received and if not, what is in the way of receiving this information.

Your sharing will lead to my next article that will talk about the value of our children being seen, heard and validated. We cannot validate another if we don’t feel that validation within ourselves. Allow me to see you, hear you and validate your experiences by emailing me your reflections. 

Thank you, 


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